Sunday, 25 August 2013

An even more hilarious update, that might make me seem crazier than originally anticipated...

So the state of flux that is my life continues.

instead of wallowing, I've decided to channel it. a good musician friend of mine recently released a double disc set of recordings, where he remastered a bunch of his old tracks and released them.

I loved this idea but decided to do this myself in a different way. I'm recording two albums/compilations if you will. One is filled with original material. it's mostly old songs that I either never recorded or want to rerecord because the original recordings kind of blow.
the second album/compilation is recordings of all the covers I've done over the years, some old some new.

I'm going to be selling the first one on places like Bandcamp and iTunes, and it hopefully may be available on Spotify.

the other will be up for free, and I'll give people direct download links to the whole thing. spread the wealth, and all.

so this will be happening over the next few weeks. if you'd like a taste, here is my new approach to 'Forget The Ex' a classic of mine.


Just so you all know, Disorder is still in the writing process. this project helps my creativity flow and gives me some practise recording, as I haven't done it properly in a long while.

catch you on the flip side, people.

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